Summer Holiday with the Belfast Friendship Club, day 1

On the weekend of the 11th and 12th of August, I went with some of the guys from the Belfast Friendship Club for a weekend on the North Coast (I know it was two months ago! But better late than never they say, right?). It was a great crowd, though not all of us could go. We left quite early on Saturday morning (and yes, I managed to wake up and be there on time!) on a big bus, it took me back to school weekend trips, don’t think I’ve gone out with such a big group of people I know since. We drove through some beautiful scenery, and were lucky enough to have Paul giving us bits of information that enriched the experience.

Soon after leaving Belfast, we passed through Carrickfergus, which is a lovely small town with a beautiful castle (of course!). We didn’t stop there and the pics I took from the bus are blurry, so if you want to see some pics, ol’ pal google will give you a hand!

Some pics taken from the bus:

The weather was threatening to go all Irish on us, but wait and see!

NI has gorgeous beaches! If you don’t mind the cold water!

Who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip when the road takes you through places like this one?

Our first stop was at Larne, for some photographs. Another gorgeous small town, Larne gave us some beautiful Irish views.


Gorgeous Larne

Love the colourful boats…

After our short stop at Larne, we got back on the road, heading for Corrymeela, near Ballycastle, where we were going to have lunch. We drove through the Glens of Antrim (gorgeous valleys on the Antrim coast).

On our way to Corrymeela

Isn’t Ireland stunning?

Corrymeela is a really interesting endeavour, if you want to know more, Each of us had made (or bought) something for lunch and we had some sort of indoors picnic. And yes, I “cooked”, if you can say that making tabbouleh is cooking! But it was yummy and that’s what matters! We shared a nice lunch, with lots of delicious and varied food and then enjoyed the gorgeous setting for a while.

Corrymeela centre

View from Corrymeela, Rathlin Island

The small round church

After resting and enjoying the place for a while, some of us went for a walk to the beach, where some of us got into the sea (and no, I didn’t get in the water! I just rolled up my jeans and put my feet in the Irish Sea!).

The road to the beach…

Rathlin Island

Beautiful beach in Ballycastle

See? I was really there!

The brave ones!

After a while at the beach, we went to a nice viewing point near Carrick-a-rede, the rope bridge (Ballintoy is right beside the bridge).

The bridge is between that small island and the mainland…I haven’t crossed it yet, but I will next summer or when someone comes visit me! (if things work out here, of course!)

After that picture stop, we got to our final destination of the day, the hostel in Ballycastle, a gorgeous little village.


Once we settled in the hostel, we walked down to the harbour, where a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed (it was Pyke’s harbour). The walk down to the harbour was gorgeous in itself.

Sheep everywhere! And they’re HUGE and HAIRY! And talk back at you! ^.^

On the way to the harbour, there’s Bendhu House, a beautiful and eccentric house built by an artist, Newton Penprase over many, many years.


Ballintoy’s harbour

Some of the guys playing football at the beach…what a gorgeous sunset!

Ballintoy Harbour

Glorious sunset!

After frolicking in the beach for a while (you know I don’t play football!), we went back to the hostel for dinner. The guys had made some really nice stuff (I think a curry and something else, don’t really remember, it was 2 months ago!), and then we had some BFC X-Factor, with some great entertainment, like Mimi’s appearances, Alfonso’s clown antics, Eva and Sara’s flamenco lesson and other really nice things. With a couple of the guys (tell the sin, not the sinners!), a couple of times we went for a pint, we didn’t have many options, it was either pub on the right of the road or pub on the left of the road =o) But in that wee village, there are two pubs! hahaha

Day number two comes in a separate post, this one is long enough!














5 thoughts on “Summer Holiday with the Belfast Friendship Club, day 1

    • jajajaja cruzá los dedos para que consiga laburo! Mando a todos lados, algo me tiene que salir! Y quiero volver…de visita nomás!!!! Los extraño! Y ya me vas a venir a visitar, hay tantos lugares para un weekend getaway! We’re gonna rock this place! Mimissiu! Y quierote mucho tb!

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