Summer Holiday with the Belfast Friendship Club, day 2

On Sunday morning, we woke up and walked down to the beach again, on the opposite side of the harbour this time.

On the way to the beach, Bendhu on the background.

I love Ireland!


Some of the guys climbed up there…

Brave Robin…the water was freeeeeezing! (put ONE finger in it!)

I know I’m uploading lots of pics, but I just need to share this amazing place!

After a great morning, we got on our way back, but there was one more treat in store! Some of us went for a walk to Dunseverick Castle (we were gonna go somewhere else, but the path had been blocked by a landslide), while the rest of the group went somewhere for ice cream (don’t know where, so if any of you guys read this post, put it in the comments!).

There’s not much left of Dunseverick castle, only the remains of the gatelodge (looks like a tower to me!) on the peak of a precipice. One of the royal roads from Tara went all the way there (and no, they haven’t found remains, I asked!). For more information, ask your friendly google pal.

It was a gorgeous walk, so here you have several more pics!

That was the path we were supposed to take, right around that corner, it’d been blocked by a landslide…

This is one of the things I miss from home! =oP

That’s all there’s left…wonder what it was like, how life was like, when it was inhabited!

WIth MY castle!

I see a view from a hill…

Don’t get too close to the edge!

After our walk, we met with the people that had gone for ice cream and had a snack on the side of the road before heading back to Belfast. It was a great weekend, with great company! And I’m sorry, I have almost no pics with people in them, but I have tons of pics taken from our day in Lisburn!


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